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Taming Little Monsters

I’m considering renaming my blog, though I’m wondering if “Little Monsters” might be a wee bit understated.

A better fit might be “Tiny Demon-Possessed Ankle-biters” or “Savage Midgets from Hell” or perhaps “Malicious Miniature Tyrants”.

If it goes any further, I might need to google an exorcist.

Things to be thankful for:  they have yet to levitate or climb on the walls – though they’ve been climbing everything else that’s not meant to be climbed.

And while I’m at it, who the hell decided it would be a brilliant idea for the fall-back time change to be precisely tuned to the week after Halloween? Not only are our kids all coming down from an exhausting sugar high, but they’re doubly tired.

And therefore doubly cranky, crazy, and irresponsible for their actions.

Also, doubly paranoid – the fallout from the spooky Halloween festivities.

Lesson for parents – don’t bring your young children into a haunted house on Halloween even if the owner tells you it “isn’t scary”.  Because it will be.  And then you’ll have to cope with multiple little ones crawling into your bed at night complaining of “bad dreams”.

Also, forget what your (my) dentist says.  Giving the kids free reign of their candy for a couple days and then throwing the rest out is a BAD IDEA.  I’m only just now finally seeing flashes of reason and patience returning to their little brains.

See?  I make the mistakes so you don’t have to.

But I called it, didn’t I?


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