10 things.

Just for fun –

10 things you didn’t know about me, that you really didn’t want to know about me.

10. I have an honest-to-God coffee addiction.  Moms often joke about coffee being their drug of choice, but seriously, I have a problem.

9. I have lots of blank spots in my memory.  Much of my early teenage years, some of my childhood.  Memories of grade school resurface occasionally and then I remember why I repressed them in the first place.  I was socially derelict.

8. I could have an entire conversation with you, but if I’m reading or thinking then I won’t remember a single syllable of that conversation.

7. I really hate socks.  Unless I’m working out, going to a wedding… or a funeral… I don’t wear them.  Even with boots.  Oh how my mother tried… I can be very stubborn.

6. I have constant earworms.  You could even just say a word or two that reminds me of a song and I’ll have it stuck in my head and yours before you can say “annoying“.  I hum and sing to myself all day.

5. I talk in my sleep.  When we were kids, my friends used to think this was a great sleepover game.  They’d ask me questions and write down all my nonsensical babblings.  Just call me Oracle Erin.  Also, they drew on my face and I would never make so much as a twitch.  I have awesome friends.

4. My childhood nickname (affectionately) was Er-Head (pronounced Air-Head).  ‘Nuff said.

3. I love watching people squirm.  I take great joy in saying or doing things that provoke emotion – sometimes even negative emotion.  I couldn’t give a hoot what people think of me, but I do enjoy making them think.

2. To fall asleep, I daydream before bed.  I’ve done so every night since I was a kid.  Sometimes naughty dreams too.  But for some sad reason, I always end up falling asleep before I get to the good parts.  Bummer.

1. I have something my friends lovingly refer to as foot-in-mouth disease. I vomit out my thoughts before they have the slightest opportunity to be edited.  Some people call this “tactlessness” but I like to think of it as a positive thing, you know?  At least you know I’ll always tell you the truth.


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  1. I’ve got a bad case of the earworms, too. Drives. Me. Nuts. A while ago, I started writing down the songs that played on my inner jukebox, just, you know, for kicks.

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