Tooth Fairies these days…

James lost his third tooth a few nights ago when his sister Julia kicked him in the head coming down a slide and the tooth fell right out.  True story.

We tucked the tooth under his pillow, and as we were about to say goodnight I made a jest about how it seemed like the Tooth Fairy had been going on a lot of vacations lately since so many of my friends’ kids haven’t been receiving their tooth fairy money promptly.

Jon poo-poo’ed the joke saying the Tooth Fairy in OUR house is always on time and never takes vacations.

Which is why James was so much more disappointed when the very next morning he looked under his pillow and there was, of course, as Murphy’s law would have it, no money and a lonely little tooth.

“Oh dear, maybe since you lost the tooth so late in the day, the tooth fairy didn’t have enough time to make it over here.”  I lied through my teeth as the guilt got stuck in my throat.

The next night, the Tooth Fairy thankfully did manage to swing by, snatched the tooth and dropped some cash.

A few nights later, another of James’s teeth fell out while biting into a hamburger.  We put it under the pillow.  The next morning James woke up to find a bright shiny toonie under his pillow – and a little tooth in a ziplock baggy.

“Mooommm!  The Tooth Fairy forgot to take my tooth!”

“Geez, the quality control of the Tooth Fairies is seriously lacking these days.”



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