Our Little Friends

Look what we found on our tree outside this morning…

A huge female pileated woodpecker!  I’ve never seen one around here before, so I was excited and got a few pictures off before the dog noticed and scared her away.

In other news…

Yes.  A couple evenings ago I brought home a(nother) kitten.  (Because clearly I need more responsibilities.)

No.  The Hubster wasn’t impressed.

Yes.  Julia convinced him to keep it.

Her name is Emma – there’s a small chance though, she could be a “Frank” or a “Bruce”.

Jury’s still out whether Emma loves Julia as much as Julia loves Emma.

And of course, our other furry friends, who you may already know, are doing fairly well.

Peter the Cat-Dog, whose neck is still healing from his rabbit-snare incident.

And our little baby Boomer, who isn’t so little anymore.  She’s nearly 40 lbs and just turned 5 months old.



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4 responses to “Our Little Friends

  1. Chrisy

    Yay for new kitties! 🙂

  2. rachel

    Julia has Jonny wrapped around her little finger!

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