September 1st

This weekend – Labour-day long weekend for us Canucks – marks the end of another summer.  Next week, the kids start school.  My Julia, for the first time.  James is starting grade one.  They ain’t gettin’ any younger.

I’m in mourning right now.  The leaves on the trees are already starting to turn.  Most of the apples have fallen from the tree in our backyard.  The wasps are moving more slowly, becoming more adventurous looking for places to hibernate.  We find ourselves suddenly stricken with the urge to bake apple pies and make soup.  You never know what to wear or what to put on your kids because the temperatures can fluctuate by over thirty degrees Celsius between the night and day.

For us in the North, it’s a time of heavy transition.  A time for layers and time to weed out the summer clothes and start filtering in the winter clothes.  Our bodies, having just finally got used to the heat, now have to become reacquainted with the bitter cold.  It’s too early to put the heat on at night, and in the morning our toes feel like they’ve been flash frozen.  Eventually we will give up and frantically search for the fuzzy slippers that have been hiding under the bed all summer.

We say goodbye to our summertime amusements and begin to look forward to our preferred winter sports.  In the meantime, there’s a lot of yard work and home maintenance to finish before we’ll be ready for the snow to fall.  There’s also pumpkins to carve, apples to pick, Christmas presents to buy, Halloween candy to collect, and memories to make.

I think I’m feeling melancholy about the change of seasons even more than usual since it was such a good summer.  I’d be hard pressed to remember any past summer that has been so exhausting but also so fulfilling.  We spent a lot of time together as a family.  We stayed up late and spent time with our friends.  We laughed a lot.  We made progress on our house.  Jon and I spent time together as a couple and fell in love more than ever.

(Yes, that last sentence was designed to make you vomit.  It’s true, though.)

My brain has been fogged for the last few weeks, trying to get back into the routine.  Trying to absorb the last moments of summer with the kids.  Trying to ward off the several illnesses spreading throughout my household.  Trying to get organized for recent and upcoming painting and reno projects.  Trying to keep our dog training going so we don’t flunk Basic.  Trying to keep the kids entertained and centered.  Trying to finish reading the Harry Potter series (I am reading it with my son, James, but decided to skip ahead).

Trying to avoid thinking that I’m going to be sending James to school full-time this year.

Because I’m going to miss him.  A lot.



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2 responses to “September 1st

  1. Dorothy Mercier

    Well put Erin….as always.

  2. Chrisy

    A song for you and your mood…

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