Julia and Darius: The Dynamic Duo

Apart, they are your typical hyper-intelligent and hyper-active kids.  Together, Julia (4) and her best friend Darius (3) are a force of nature akin to a tornado.

Or maybe something of the man made variety – a Nuclear Explosion.

I won’t start listing off stories but just to illustrate, in the last year we’ve had several bathroom-sink and bathtub overflowing incidents.  We’ve had pee in places there ought never to be pee (and they thought it was hilarious).  We’ve had children go upstairs fully clothed and come downstairs naked or worse.

They both have the Crazy Gene. You know, that gene that causes kids to run straight through traffic after something shiny (“doggy!” ), or climb to the top of the play structure and leap off it.  They are both brilliant and completely insane.

They are partners in crime and love to egg each other on, pushing each other (and their moms) to their limits.

They are loud, they are naughty, and they are in love.

“Mommy?  I want to play soccer this year.  Aaaand I want to marry Darius.”

“Talk to me again in a few years.”

When they’re not being loud… go find them.  And hurry.

This year, they are a bit older and a bit wiser than they were last year.

Meaning they now know how to lie and cover their tracks.

Though, we haven’t had any seriously major catastrophes for a few months, apart from the occasional prison break out the back gate.

Before they go play upstairs, I read them the riot act:

Me- “Darius and Julia, what are the rules?”

Julia- “No playing in Mommy’s room.”

Darius- “No playing in James’s room.”

Julia- “No playing in the office.”

Darius- “No playing in the bathroom.”

Julia- “No turning the water on.”

Darius- “No making big messes.”

Julia- “No trapping Peter.”

Darius- “No getting naked.”  (pronounced Nay-key’d)

Me – “Where does pee go?”

Julia & Darius- “In the potty!”

Me – “Okay, have fun you two.  And no hanky panky.”



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4 responses to “Julia and Darius: The Dynamic Duo

  1. Haha! This week before camp I had to tell KayTar “Remember, no KISSING, no ROMANCE, and NO FLASHING PEOPLE!” I feel like most parents don’t have to give their SIX year old such reminders.

  2. aj

    This is one of the cutest blog posts I have EVER seen. I’m so glad you’re documenting all their escapades so you can remind them of it when they’re teenagers!

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  4. nicky safavian

    I would die to be you. been a nanny for 15 years and i still spend every night wishing those little ones where mine.