Fess-Up Friday


See ya suckas!  I’m gone!

I’ve written a few blarg posts to hopefully pass the time while I’m suntanning on a dock, swimming with the kids, canoeing, eating freshly picked berries from random bushes in the area and having lots and lots and lots of naps.  Ahhh… jealous?

I would be.

If you can tolerate my nonsensical babblings, or even if you’ve just wandered here and are wondering what the hell I’m talking about, please vote for me!

Look for Creating Little Monsters on Babble’s infinite list of mommy blogs.  I’m not stopping until I’ve hit #1!  

… No actually, I’d seriously settle for getting into the top 100.

… to be honest, my ego is pretty damn satisfied that I miraculously made it on that list in the first place since I’m pretty sure 90% of my blog hits are from my mom.

Also, I’d really like to know who thought it would be funny to describe my blog posts as charming.  Hah!

… Oh.

… oh oh oh!  *facepalm*

That was probably my mom too.  My #1 fan.


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