Fess-Up Friday

I doubt y’all will know the answer, but when the hell did I become a type-A personality?

Before I had kids, I was a fully entrenched type-B:  Laid back, patient, lower energy, procrastinating… basically, uber-lazy.  It couldn’t be helped.  It was just how I was.

After I had kids, I vacillated between being aggressive, direct, organized with high energy levels and high expectations of myself and others (*ahem* Hubby), to returning back to my usual relaxed self.

Gradually over the last year, my “low energy” periods have been getting shorter in duration and farther between and my “high energy” periods have been lengthening.  Looking back over the last few months, I’ve realized that I’ve become… well, basically… I’ve become my mother.  Or also possibly, my mother in law.

God help us all.

I was reminded of this transformation because we have a trip to the Hubs’ family’s cottage and golly I’ve already got my lists all planned out.  I’m packing our shit together this weekend.  Guys, that’s almost a whole week before we leave.  I’ve got issues.  I don’t even recognize myself it snuck up on me with such stealth.

So, we’re going to the cottage next weekend for 6 nights, and then as I mentioned last Friday, the following weekend we’re camping at the Blue Skies music festival.  I practically grew up at Blue Skies, and I’m excited to see how my kids will react to the little hippie festival now that they’re old enough to really appreciate it.

I’m also sure that our experiences in the next couple weeks will make for some interesting blog-fodder.  Stay tuned.

In Erin’s-Fat-Loss news, I went to that Boot Camp three times last week.  Hell, I’m going to keep going  just to get the @#$% away from the kidlets for an hour.  That alone is worth every penny of the 15 bucks per session.

Keep truckin’ y’all and Happy Weekend!



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2 responses to “Fess-Up Friday

  1. Adrina

    Totally cool. I am a perfect mix between type a and B, but I have definitely become more type A since having 3 busy kids and an at home business. Sounds like this is really good for you and you are thriving so keep at it girl!! ❤

  2. We leave for the beach in a week. You don’t want to see my lists (or maybe you do, lol). You are AWESOME for sticking with boot camp, I bet you feel fantastic, too.

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