Fess-Up Friday

I haven’t done this in a couple weeks because it seems any headway on my various projects has totally stagnated in the face of summer vacation.

My weight loss effort is going reasonably well.  Officially, I’ve lost 6 or 7 pounds depending on the day.  Which doesn’t seem like a lot – I’m only 10 or 15% closer to my ideal weight; however, I’m now down to 32% body fat and 52% total body water.  Definite progress from the 42%BF/35%TBW I started with.  Clearly that means more muscle, less fat, and frankly I’m pleased with the numbers.

How I’m doing it?  Well, I’m marginally more active and I eat marginally less food.  Nothing very special.

I’m being strong-armed by a friend of mine into joining a women’s boot camp twice weekly.  We’ll see about that.  Not that I don’t think it’s an excellent idea on all fronts (physical, social, mental, etc.) but sticking with anything is not a phenomenon I’m well acquainted with.

Oh – I’ve found the best snack “diet” food ever!  If your body is craving something totally unhealthy, go get a bag of stick pretzels. MY GOD!  70 sticks is only 200 calories.  One good sized handful (about 20 sticks or so) satisfies my afternoon carb craving without resorting to raiding the kids granola bars or the chocolate chips I keep for baking (both of these only serve to make me go into psycho binge mode even worse).

I’ve tried substituting for healthy foods (ie. carrots) but unless my brain thinks whatever I’m eating is going to ruin me in some way, the urge won’t be satisfied.  I’ve tried total denial of the craving, but then I just end up saving up the binge eating for later in the day.  The pretzels seem to override all this without going overboard.

I bought okra last week thinking I was going to try to make some okra fritters and knock one off my Project 52 list, but I chickened out and the bag of not-quite-edible-anymore okra is sitting in a bag in my fridge daring me to throw it in the garbage.  So far I’m pretending it’s not there, hiding underneath the zucchini.

Speaking of Project 52, I swear I haven’t forgotten it.  In fact, we’ve planned both a camping trip (well, it’s a camping/folk festival called Blue Skies but that definitely counts and then some) and we’ve booked a white water rafting trip sans-enfants (a gift from my parents to SuperHubby for his birthday).  This will be the first time we’ve been away from all three kids for more than a night.

That, by the way, is making me way more scared than I’m letting on… petrified really. What if we both DIE??? What the hell will the kids do then???  Better write up a will before we go.  Even better –  Dan & Rachel (aka Jon’s brother and sister-in-law), if we both die horrifically in a white water rafting accident, you guys can have the kids.  You always said you wanted to adopt right???  You have less than a month to think about it.




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6 responses to “Fess-Up Friday

  1. Christian

    “..sticking with anything is not a phenomenon I’m well acquainted with”. You’ve stuck with being your kids’ mom and that’s worth being proud of.

    Hugs to you Erin,

  2. Rachel

    We will take the kids! But please don’t die.

  3. Rachel

    Dan also requests that you have life insurance…

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