You know that scary lovely dodecahedron puzzle I bought for the Hubs for Father’s Day?

Can I just say that I’M WINNING!  He still hasn’t figured it out.  Yes, he only has a few pieces left, but I don’t know if he’s going to do it.  The last side is really hard, apparently.

In his defense, between work, the kids, the dog, and all the damn housecleaning it takes us to keep the house from becoming squalid, he hasn’t had a lot of time to work on it…

He did ask me if it was cheating if he just wrote a computer program to solve it for him.  Um, YES.  YES IT IS.  …but that means he’s getting frustrated, right?

I feel like an evil genius thwarting my do-gooder nemesis.  I’m altogether more euphoric about his failure than is probably be healthy.




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3 responses to “Muahahaha…

  1. HAHAHA! If my husband & I went to do one of these he would win in a heartbeat! The only way I could win is to peal off the colors & stick them back on! 🙂 Not one of my talents!

    • Oh gawd, me too. My brain just doesn’t work that way. Or maybe I’m just too lazy to even THINK about trying… or afraid of failure… or just too cool… or not cool enough. One of those.

      It’s just incredibly amusing to challenge him to a task and watch him fail. Erm… Yes, I’m the best wife ever. Incredibly supportive and loving. lol.

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