True Blood Season 4 Premiere *spoilers*

So many questions!  An interesting start, to say the least.

So, the last season ended with Sookie travelling to Faery (land of the Fairies) with her Fairy godmother Claudine.   There, she meets her granddaddy – which is where we realize Sookie is going to experience a time warp since her grandaddy Earl thinks he’s been there for a couple hours and it’s been 20 years in actuality.  Everything is a bit too obviously perfect, and somehow (they don’t explain how, but we have to assume it’s because Sookie is awesomeness embodied) she can tell it’s a trap.

Queen Mab get pissed that she’s figured out their scheme; to protect their land from vampires, they are “harvesting” humans with fairy blood – whatever that means – and Mab is going to seal off their dimension from Earth forever.

Sookie psi-blasts the bad guys.  Insert running and chasing scene with fireballs.  With help from her cousin Claude, a rebel against Mab, Sookie finds a portal and jumps (rather, gets tackled by granddaddy Earl) into it right before Mab uses her powers to close it.  After a heartfelt scene between the two, granddaddy Earl evaporates into dust.

Sookie finds out she’s been gone over an year when she goes home and finds that it’s been totally renovated.  Oh- and SOLD.  Jason has sold her house (and is looking mighty fine in his policeman uniform despite his dirt goatee).  Bud is pissed about all the money they spent searching for her (and now has a vampire blood addiction, to boot).  Things have changed.

Everyone is shocked to see her.  Except Eric.  He knew she’d come back.  And it’s a bit less sexy, and bit more creepy than you’d imagine if you’ve read the books.  Not only did he mysteriously know she’d come back, but he bought her house.  And in Eric’s viking brain that means he’s bought Sookie.  And uh, it’s not romantic in the slightest.

Bill fabricates a story for the police and the general public about Sookie’s whereabouts.  He alleges she was working for him secretly and he is going to compensate Bon Temps for the costs of searching for her.

Tara has hit the road and is into girl on girl cage fighting – and has turned lesbo.  I get it.  After what she went through, oh, her whole life, I’d be swearing off men too.  She seems happy and stronger emotionally, even though she’s totally fabricated a new past for herself. Lafayette, her only lifeline back to Bon Temps, texts her that Sookie is alive.  She cares, but not enough to do anything about it (for example, tell the truth).

Hoyt and Jessica are struggling with their differences and with themselves – with who they are and who they want to be.  Hopefully love triumphs in the end, but it’s obvious they have a rocky road ahead of them.

Tommy, oh Tommy!  My sweet, whiny, little rebel boy, has somehow come to live with the devil in disguise (Hoyt’s mom – Maxine
Fortenberry).  He’s nursing the leg that Sam shot in the previous season and for which he is now paying for physical therapy… and Tommy is acting crazy-like – like a born-again-Christian.  We’ll see if this transformation is actually real (less likely) or a ploy for affection/money/etc. (more likely).

Sam is still very troubled.  He’s hanging out and drinking with a bunch of other shape shifters – his “anger management classes”.  He’s bitter with Sookie, as she hasn’t yet had a chance to fill him in on what actually happened to her.

It looks like Jason has finally grown up and is taking care of all the misbegottens back in Hotshot, his ex-girlfriend (if we can call her that) Crystal’s family.  Unfortunately for Jason, he gets pushed and locked into a thawed freezer with some rotten meat (gross).  Anyone taking bets that it’s Crystal and her cousin-slash-fiancée returned from wherever they ended up going?

Lafayette and Jesus are getting fully into the occult.  Well, Jesus is dragging Lafayette into it kicking and screaming.  But he seems to have a natural talent for it, and helps new and creepy character Marnie (played by Fiona Shaw of Harry Potter fame) reanimate a parakeet, if only for a few moments.

Which brings us to the shocker that is not a shocker… WHAT is this???  I knew something was up when Bill ordered Eric to leave and *gasp* Eric DID, but Bill is the King of Louisiana now?!?  That something seriously messed up.  Interested to see how that plays out.  I wasn’t a big Bill fan right from the start, so I think the sleazy politician thing really suits him, even though it makes me want to puke in my mouth a bit.

I’m a bit disappointed there were no shirtless werewolves in the premiere *cough* Alcide *cough*.  So here’s a gratuitous picture.

Is it hotter in here, or is it just me?  Something to look forward to.

Altogether a pretty interesting start.  So many possibilities.  How do you think it’s all going to come together?


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