Life goes on

And on… and on… and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Kind of like this blog post.

I remember watching… something… oh yeah, Stephen and Chris (gawd, I love those guys – they’re like sticky sweet gay candy)… and some dude on the show was saying that if you’re driving a car while sleep deprived, it’s the same as driving with a .05 to .08% blood alcohol level.  Which might have persuaded me against driving to Timmy’s this morning to get treats for the kids and extra-large coffees for the Hubs and I, had I not been so sleep deprived that I didn’t remember that fact until just now.  And yet I’m still somehow alive to drive er…  write… this blog post (that was a real honest to god typo, folks.  Did I mention I was tired?)

This week was hot and cold and rainy and sunny and blah.   Unproductive.

I finally shoved my fist far enough down the insurance company’s throat that they choked up a response about the house.  They will replace the face that was damaged in the windstorm 2 MONTHS ago and match it as closely as possible.   Match 16 year old siding as closely as possible.  Good luck with that, I say.  We might end up having to cash out and be on the hook for the rest of the house.  And it’s a big damn house.  And I’m already shuddering thinking of all that money gone …gone …gone…

Look how big my baby has gotten?  She was 21 lbs at her 12 week shots a few days ago.  She’s starting to seem a bit on the thin side to me… don’t ya think?

Here’s Julia at soccer practice the other day.  Between running back to me every 30 seconds for “water” and “to go to the bathroom” and hugs and “I love you mommy”‘s and eventually, after my admonishing that if she didn’t actually try to stay on the field (let alone do anything the coach actually said) she wouldn’t be getting her treat afterward, she stayed on the field looking like this.  Completely petrified.  Aw, little girl!  I’m such a mean mommy.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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