Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the day they get to sleep in, eat whatever they want with complete disregard for their cholesterol levels, spend time with their kids in between naps, get handmade cards and usually some sort of gift.

Because I love my husband, and because he loves Rubik’s Cubes, I (*ahem* sorry, the kids) bought Jon this for Father’s Day.

Also, I’m a little bit sadistic.  He’s single-minded to the extreme.  If he loses something, or has a(nother) brilliant idea, or is given a new puzzle, he literally can’t think of anything else until he finds what he’s lost, his brilliant idea is either complete or debunked or he’s solved the puzzle.

Which means, since this might be the mother of all puzzles, I thought he was going to be going c.r.a.z.y!! trying to finish it.

A thought that made me completely giddy with happiness.

So far, we haven’t found a cube (well, this one is a dodecahedron – yes, I googled that) he couldn’t solve.

I’m a bit let down… he’s already almost solved the innermost layer of each side of the puzzle.  Here’s to hoping the outer layer is trickier.

Yes, that’s a 5 x 5 Rubik’s Cube beside his new 12-Surface IQ Pentagon.  Can’t remember where I got that one, but I do remember being wholly and utterly let down by the ridiculously fast time in which he solved it.

If you’re interested, you can find this puzzle and more at www.thinkgeek.com.

Jon’s next gift?  I don’t think it gets better (worse?) than a 7 by 7 cube…



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