Fess-Up Friday

Is it possible that nothing exceptional at all happened this past week?

Let me think…  Nope, total boringness.

Ooooh, an old man (like we’re talking senior’s residence age) told me I have “bedroom eyes”.  That was awesome.  In a totally non-awesome sort of way.  In a “I just threw up a little in my mouth” sort of way.  I’ve never understood why dirty old men like me so much.

James and Julia started soccer last Friday.  Josie was sick, so I wasn’t able to go or take pictures.  Can I say though, that I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything so heart-wrenchingly adorable as Julia in her soccer equipment with her crazy curly hair flying around all willy nilly?  Tonight’s their second night and provided someone doesn’t keel over with some disease, I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

This week I was able to capture a real, genuine smile from James.  Several of them, actually.  And that’s kind of sad, don’t ya think?  I mean, it’s not like he doesn’t smile or have fun (though he is rather the mature and serious type in general), but I guess I had given up trying to take candid pictures of him a long long time ago, since he usually moves too fast to focus.

Here’s Julia new model-pose.

Josie’s been “off” all week.  When not sobbing, screaming, sleeping on the couch, or clinging to me, she looks like this:

Peter has assumed his usual routine of taking off during the day and returning to tease Boomer at night.  After spending almost $500.00 rehabilitating him from his neck wounds, we really considered keeping inside.  Yeah right, that would be like keeping a hurricane at bay.

He showed me his appreciation of my feeble attempt to keep him in our nice, safe, warm house by peeing on my garbage can.  Right in front of me.  Looking at me the whole time, as my jaw was agape (he hasn’t peed in the house since the third day he was here).  It was as if he was saying, “Bitch, let me outside or this is what you’re going to look forward to.”

So, I gave him what he wanted, money be damned.  Cats.  psshfft.

Boomer is growing.  I swear every time I take her out of her crate she’s grown an inch.  She must be well over 20 lbs now, and she’s 11.5 weeks old.

This is how she likes to sleep now.  On her back, with her feet up in the air.  She looks so shepherdy when her ears are up.  I think she’s probably going to look very much like a floppy eared shepherd when she’s all grown up.

She’s learning some new tricks.  She rolls over now, and is walking very properly on a leash finally.  She’s a good girl.

“Shake a paw”


I tried to take a video of her.  Didn’t work out so well.  It was rather, um, unimpressive.  She’s normally very good, but like my other kids, once that video camera is in front of her she stops being cute and starts being a little turd.

Well, fine, I’ll show you dammit.  But don’t laugh at me.  I swear she’s not this bad in general.  P.S. does my voice normally sound so damn stupid?

P.S.  I realize this blog post is supposed to be about me and my so called goals, but really, what goals?  Since I haven’t done anything productive all week, I’m just going to pretend they don’t exist.


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