Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

My forehead is sore from constantly facepalming myself with chagrin.

The reason for it started a couple months ago, and has only snowballed despite my best efforts to eradicate this festering pestilence quickly.

My Julia “likes to tell stories.”  Which, as everyone knows, is polite for “being a damned dirty liar.”

At first, the lies were pretty obvious.  She’d say something happened that was absolutely, physically, impossible for it to have happened the way she told it.

“Darius broke it, mommy.”  “Um, Julia, Darius hasn’t been here for a week.”

“Josie put your keys in my dresser, Daddy.”  “Um, Julia, Josie can’t even reach that high, let alone pull with enough force to get your dresser drawer open.”

Then two nights ago, it was James’s turn to have Peter sleep in bed with him.  Julia, however, “let Peter outside” and though James was a bit upset, we didn’t think anything more of it.  Before Jon and I went to bed we heard a pathetic cat crying coming from somewhere in or around our house.  We searched the outside first, trusting Julia’s word that Peter had indeed been let out.  After minutes of frantic searching, my stomach slowly sinking with dread, anticipating we’d find Peter in yet another dangerous (and expensive!) predicament, Jon found him trapped in our office.

Peter had pooped on Jon’s hockey equipment – probably because it already smelled like a toilet.

Julia confessed later that she put Peter in the office because she didn’t want James to sleep with him.


What do I do with this girl???

Because as much as I love her unconditionally, for me, lying is the worst of the worst of personality traits.  Probably because as a kid, I could spin a good yarn with the best of them – and it’s something I’ve had to work very diligently at to remove from my repertoire.  It breaks my heart to see it come out in one of my babies with such force.

I just hope the removal of privileges, the threat of not believing anything she says, and a bit of brainwashing with the book The Boy Who Cried Wolf will do the trick and I’ll get back a daughter I can actually trust.

Just take a look.  Don’t be swayed by the cuteness; she’s at least 25% evil.



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7 responses to “Liar Liar Pants on Fire.

  1. Sounds like you are handling it well! The only other thing I could suggest is doing social stories with her, where a character tells a lie and you have her discern whether they were being truthful or lying, and then telling you what they should have done/said instead.

  2. My Julia went to preschool one day last year and told her teachers that Daddy hit Mommy. Don’t you know that was a fun meeting? I have a friend who’s daughter threw her lunch away every day on her way to school. She had the teachers convinced that the family couldn’t afford food, and they would often share their lunch with her, or buy her something. Imagine my friend’s surprise when she came home one day to a porch full of groceries and wrapped gifts – the school had adopted them as their annual “Christmas Family”. I realize there’s no advice in there, but at least you’re not alone.

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