The things I’ll miss.

Josie is getting more independent every day.  She doesn’t want to snuggle as much, she isn’t  my “shadow” anymore and plays independently or with her friends, hell, I even send her upstairs to get dressed by herself.  Her crib is the last vestige of her babyhood and I’ll be damned before I give that up any time soon.

We’re committed to our three kids, and as much as I love babies and my heart breaks a little thinking about how there won’t be any more (human) babies in our house, I know it’s the right decision for us.

There are lots of things I’m going to miss.

Holding tiny hands

Perfect feet

Baby Yawns

Cloth diaper Bums

Macaroni baths

Fancy pants

Dorky martial arts poses

Indiana Jones


Princesses and knights

Too much love

Quiet Time

Photo op’s

Baby vampires

Learning to Skate

A little torture


Christmas pictures

Baby Baths…

…and the nakedness

I miss it all already.  Even this…


Maybe not that.



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4 responses to “The things I’ll miss.

  1. Your kids are adorable and I love your stories! I have 9 month old twins, and already I feel like I can’t get enough of their baby-ness. They are my last ones too, so I’m trying to bottle them up and love them to death…but it’s so hard because I have two older ones, and I work from home. Some days I just sit and stare and watch them and kiss them…I’ll take pics like every two minutes just to try and capture every moment. Life goes too fast.

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  3. Adrina

    I love this post! makes me teary eyed!

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