Mommy Confession: Bare baby bums are awesome.

From the first time I bathed with my son, James, and held his tiny barely-a-week-old little body; one hand under his florida orange-sized bum and the other under the nape of his neck, I was done for. Even as a newborn, all I could see was absolute perfection and, my God, my kids have perfect little bottoms.

Perfect for squishing.

The sight of pitted and dimpled cheeks peeking out from under a baggy shirt, or even better, total nakedness with the exception of ridiculously huge boots and a cowboy hat, brings on waves of euphoria that rivals even the best hugs or professions of love.

And why the heck not.

Nudity paranoia has been spiraling out of control for a long time. Most moms and dads know that some nakedness (like, 8 out of the girls’ 12 waking hours during the day at my house lately), is perfectly normal and doesn’t deserve such stigma.  But others are so ashamed.  And irrational.

They couldn’t possibly be worried about the dreaded ‘P’ word in the comfort of their own home.  Is it the desire to develop some modicum of “decency” at such an early age or possibly guilt of looking at your child as a sexual being that causes some parents to become so determined against something so normal?

Because people, babies and children are sexual beings.  GASP.  They were born out of sexuality, and they will someday venture out into the world of sexuality themselves (oy, given how painful it was to write that, I’m clearly not ready to think about such things).  Being proud of a healthy and beautiful body (even in miniature), is natural and absolutely no reason for shame.

I don’t understand why some are so passionate about “training” children out of perfectly normal and non-destructive behaviors, when given the appropriate amount of time, they would train themselves out of these behaviors naturally – and be better off for it.

I say we start a revolution.  We give our children back their nakedness and we give them back their freedom.

I will never make my children feel ashamed of their bodies.  I will stop enforcing rules that only exist to keep my children in a cage and have no benefit to their well-being or psychology.  They are magnificent creatures and in the comfort and safety of their home, and as long as everyone is agreeable, they deserve feel as free as they want and to run around butt-ass-naked-as-the-day-they-were-born if they’re so inclined.

Moms, take as many pictures of those beautiful boy bottoms as you want.  Dads, I promise you, if your daughter walks around naked and you think to yourself  “wow, she is absolutely perfect – I’m definitely going to need to buy a shotgun.”  You’d be perfectly normal.

Because baby bums are awesome, and they are only little for a such a depressing little while.  So please let them be young, let them own their bodies, and for the love of all things holy, stop micromanaging your kids in the name of false protection.



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2 responses to “Mommy Confession: Bare baby bums are awesome.

  1. Chrisy

    I’m no parent but I definitely agree. And if I ever have little ones of my own, I want them to feel free to express themselves and feel comfortable with themselves – if that means running around naked as the day they were born, than cool. It’s beautiful and natural.

    Hell, I think babies have the right idea – I walk around naked as much as humanely possible. I get home from work and whooosh – off come the clothes!