Fess-up Friday

Life is great!

Fresh bodum coffee… fresh baked bread from the bread maker… a (mostly) clean house… Peter came back this morning after escaping last night… Boomer is being well behaved…  I woke up before the alarm clock and don’t feel like a zombie (somehow 5:45 in the morning doesn’t seem that early anymore?)… did the girls’ hair up already with fresh flowers and everything… I have a new-to-me book to read (Ashes of Midnight by Lara Adrian.  Vampires.  Action.  Romance.  Naughty bits.  I do so love my brain candy!)… I’m actually dressed – YES!  in clothes (not sweats).  I rock, I know!  I might even put some makeup on and make a run for Homemaker of the Year.  Wowzers.

AHHHHHH!!!….. Jon took the rest of the coffee.  Darnit.  I need a bigger bodum.  Going to make more.  brb.  For my mom and the other Quinquagenarians or older out there, that means “Be Right Back.”

Ahhhhhh… much better.

Look what we did last weekend.  I’m proud.  You know those projects that you start but feel like they take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to get finished?  I think all parents with young kids understand what I’m talking about.  This was one of those.  We built these late last summer (in actuality, they still need some of the finishing trim put on).  I had to wait all winter and until the weather warmed sufficiently and I’ve finally got them planted.

Well, mostly planted.  There are a few things missing I’m going to transplant from my parents’ garden.

We have lettuce, tomatoes, basil, dill, cilantro, sage, and parsley.  I’m putting more tomato plants in, some chives, oregano, and rosemary.

Now I just have to figure out how to keep the kids’ grubby little hands from digging in the dirt and eating the plants…

Shock of all shocks, Jonny has actually started building the sandbox.  You know, that sandbox that I had made it my life’s quest to have built like, 6 weeks ago?  Before all the crazy drama started?

If I can’t scratch this one off my Project 52 list by the end of this weekend, I might break out the ugly cry.

I know the kids will miss being allowed to play outside the fence (under direct supervision only).  There’s something fascinating to kids about playing in a giant sandpile, rather than a proper sandbox that I’ll never quite understand.

As for my fitness goals, I’m a big slacker.

I just honestly don’t know when I’d fit anything in.  Between the kids and the dog, I’m on my feet running around all day.  I wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to get the dog outside for a pee, try to get some energy out of her and have a small training session before the daycare kids arrive and my kids wake up and I have to make breakfast for everyone, then I get to do damage control all day, the daycare kids go home, I make supper and tidy up, we eat supper, play with the kids and put them to bed, walk Boomer after the kids go to bed in the evening then collapse on the couch with feet that feel like they just went through a trash compactor.  Whew!

Anyone have any suggestions?  I’m alllll ears!  I’m thinking about signing up for a class.  Maybe Zumba or Kickboxing.  I think I can commit to ONE class a week for crying out loud.  At least then I’ve got something to keep me motivated.

Boomer is doing great by the way!  She’s a sweetheart.  She sleeps through the night in her crate, with no accidents, from 10pm to 6am consistently already.  She’s turning into a real puppy – jumping, chewing, yada yada.  But she’s learning fast.  She’s already sitting very nicely, jumps when prompted, shakes a paw, lies down, “gives” back all the shoes she’s appropriated, and has almost figured out which of the toys she’s actually allowed to play with.  We have a lot of leash training to do though… she alternates stubbornly refusing to walk with trying to drag us down the sidewalk, and tugs on her leash when she’s bored.  I have to keep reminding myself she’s only 9 weeks old and cut her some slack.

And she’s GROWING SO FAST!  My goodness!  She must have gained 4 lbs and a couple inches already and she’s only been here 2 weeks now.



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2 responses to “Fess-up Friday

  1. angie

    Jog the dog? That is my only advice 🙂 With that and all you do all day, i’m sure it will be enough!! Miss ya!!

    • Hey Angie!

      Oh I intend to jog with Boomer, but she’s too little right now. I’ve gone half a block or so before she loses interest… but dogs shouldn’t be jogged too extensively until their bones have all matured – about 18 months old or so. Especially this type of dog because Rotties and Shepherds are both so prone to hip dysplasia. I can’t wait though!

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