Fess-Up … Saturday?

Oh Em Gee

Gawd, I hate when people say it like that, but that’s the extremely sanitized version of just what came into my mind as WordPress just ate my entire post.  *cries*

It was a good one too, but I guess you guys will never know since I haven’t the time to rewrite it.


I’ll leave you with gratuitous pictures instead.

Peter the sad kitty

Peter's bandage around his neck

Kiwi the Min-Pin, who we're dog sitting for a few days

Boomer harassing Kiwi, her new best bud

P.S. Julia was at the doctor on Thursday and moved her fingers just fine.  No permanent damage, she’ll just have some scars and those are cool, right?

And just to make you guys wonder what the heck I had written about… here’s the two comics I was considering using for the previous post… muahaha…

Hope everyone is having a happy weekend!


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One response to “Fess-Up … Saturday?

  1. Oooh, I love Josie’s dress – so pretty!

    P.S. I HATE it when a post gets “eaten” – so much time spent for nothing!

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