Thought I’d update everyone quickly on how our wee family is doing.

We’re pretty darn good!

Julia is back to normal, albeit with one very bandaged hand.  She had a tetanus booster yesterday and the doctor assessed her finger.  It’ll still be a while before we know if there’s any damage to the tendon because she’s being stubborn about trying to bend it.  (Julia being stubborn, who would have thought?)  She’s back for another assessment at the doctor tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

Peter is confined to our bedroom for the time being, with a giant red bandage around his neck.  Poor little guy.  He’s pretty depressed.  Peter is a very unwilling indoor cat, which is how he ended up being allowed outdoors in the first place.  There was no stopping it.  Thankfully, he’s smart enough to have figured out how to use the litter box again, which is something he had refused to use in months.

They are both on antibiotics.

Josie’s eye is nearly healed thanks to copious amounts of Benedryl.  Now it just looks like someone punched her out.

I’ve had laryngitis all weekend/week and my voice is still Janis-Joplin-rough, but more or less back to normal.

All the daycare kids seem to have settled down today and are getting along again.

We’ve gotten past the worst stretch, I think.

Oh, and Boomer is still wonderful.  Ah, sweet puppy love…


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  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! I love the one of Julia and Boomer sleeping on the couch – so precious!

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