Fess-up Friday

It’s Friday again!  Wheeee!

Yet another day where I get to confess all my sins.


Things I have learned this week:

1)  I’m a master of self control.  With all the kids wildly racing around me all week, constantly getting into spats, dragging mud and dirt all over my house and being generally and deliberately naughty (and super sensitive, to boot) I’m a wee bit surprised my sanity is still intact (or at least, it’s no more worse for wear than it was before).

2)  My body is an amazing and predictable creature.  It is absolutely inevitable that after a stressful week, especially proceeded by several weeks of doing well exercising and dieting, I get sick.  My throat hurts to swallow, my glands in my neck are swollen (and therefore, I’m beginning to look like a bloody chipmunk) and my shoulders ache.  I’ll be gargling the whiskey tonight for sure.  And I know next week I’ll be totally off the exercise wagon because I’ll want to crawl into a hole and die.  Aren’t I so positive?   Hah!

3)  After reading frantically on the subject, I realize I still have no idea what I’m going to do with the puppy!  Did I mention we’re bringing baby Boomer home tomorrow?!?! More on that later.

Have y’all had enough of my bitching?  There’s some good stuff too.

4)  Bread-makers are AWESOME!!!!  Why the heck doesn’t everyone use these?  I’ve been making bread in a hand-me-down bread maker for the last week or so and not only is it dead simple and takes all of 2 minutes to add the ingredients, but waking up at or before 6AM is almost tolerable when you have the smell of freshly baked bread to look forward to.  Drool!  We estimated the cost of each loaf at slightly less than $1.00… so, some financial savings as well.  There’s no excuse – go out and get thyselves a bread maker.

5)  Remember this picture?

The insurance company *may* be paying for my whole house to be re-sided (it’s a big damn house, too.)  Right now, it hinges on whether they can match the siding.  Seeing how the siding is 17 years old, it’s doubtful they’ll find a match but I’m still not getting my hopes up. ……I’m not.  I swear.  (Yeah, right.  I’m already dreaming about all the upgrades we’re going to do if that happens.)

So… Puppy Time.

I’m bone-weary just thinking about it.  The next couple months are going to really test my patience.

I’ve read all the books and I’ve scoured the internet for suggestions and advice, but I still feel like I know nothing about raising a puppy.  From what I can tell, it’s like having the most explorative brand of toddler and an infant all rolled up into one cute little package.  I know I’ll love baby Boomer to bits, but it’s extremely daunting.  I probably won’t have the time to post as often in the next few weeks (months).

Wish me luck!  And PLEASE for the love of all things holy, comment below and leave me puppy advice.  Your own puppy stories are welcome as well!

Happy May two-four everyone!


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