Rain, Rain, Go away.

It has been an impossibly dreary week or two, with rain and drizzle only halting for hours at a time; the odd day of reprieve existing only to tease us.  The forecast for the next week or two is mostly the same.

As I contemplate what to do with a house full of 8 kids – 4 of the kids barely 2 years old and under – I honestly can not say I remember how the kids stayed entertained all winter.  I don’t remember ever feeling so stir crazy as I do now.

I have no clue how we survived those fridgid 4 months where getting the kids outside to play was about as much fun as jamming bamboo shards under my fingernails…  Everyone to the bathroom.  Let’s get your snowsuits on.  Everyone outside.  Keep your mittens on.  Don’t eat the snow.  Don’t pee in your snowsuits.  Don’t throw snow on your sister!  Keep your boots on.  Don’t cry, it’s just a bit of snow.  If you kept your shizzit on that wouldn’t have happened.  Don’t. eat. that. brown. snow!  

It’s enough to make me wonder why we torture ourselves for almost half the year?  You know, fellow Canucks, there are other places to live that don’t have such severe weather.  On days like this, I seriously consider moving to one of them.

It’s almost as if our collective attention spans have radically decreased upon the arrival of the spring.  All of their pent-up energy is being directed into producing as much chaos as humanly possible.  Riling each other up in the worst ways… making forts out of the couch cushions and blankets (and of course, there’s always the one unfortunate child who gets stuck at the bottom of the human piramid)… dumping out every box in the toy room… running around the house like a pack of wild beasts.

At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat – it’s just not fair!

How do you positively direct such manic energy?  I’d like to know?

Let’s have a dance party!!!

Still, it’ll be nice when the weather clears up and the kids can play in the giant sand pile in front of my garage.

Leah-Rose, the precocious best bud of my littlest, Josie, said it with the best clarity yesterday.  She extended her impossibly petite arm, pointed one tiny finger out the back patio door window, and with her miniature voice rising in anger yelled, “Rain!  You are bad!  You go away rain.  Right now!”


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