Fess-Up Friday… erm…

So, I fess up that I totally forgot I was supposed to write this post yesterday.  Oops!

To be honest, I don’t really feel like writing it right now either since I went out with a friend last night and wasn’t asleep until 1:30AM.  For a girl (sorry, a mom) who has whipped her former night-owl self into submission and has learned to fall asleep at 10PM every night, staying out late like that is simultaneously exciting and exhausting.  Exciting because I had a lot of fun and zomg! I was outside my house and didn’t have little gremlins climbing all over me, but there was this niggling part of my brain that kept whispering things like

“Erin… it’s 10:00 – time for bed.”

“Erin… it’s past time for bed.”

“Erin… it’s now 2 hours past time for bed.”

“Girl, you are going to be so tired in the morning!  Better have hubby run to get a Tim Horton’s coffee when he wakes up.”

“Yep.  You are going to be one useless zombie tomorrow.  There’s just really no hope for you.  Timmy’s ain’t cuttin’ it today, love.”

(Is it weird that my internal monologue has a cockney accent?)  So yeah… I’m tired.

In other news, it was Julia’s birthday yesterday!  She’s officially 4 years old.  My little girl.

We gave her a couple gifts after supper.  Here’s Julia opening her first gift… a quilt made by a friend of ours named Laura.  (Thanks Laura!)

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?  It’s even more beautiful in person.  I need to get better pictures of it.  It also looks amazing her Julia’s bedroom.


This was Julia’s face after I told her it was time to bring the blanket inside and put it away.  She went from sheer happiness to complete panic in half a second.  Hilarious!  It was an instant attachment.

Let’s talk about me now, shall we?

No weight loss this week.  Looking more toned though, for sure.  I’ve had a few comments to that regard, actually.  Nice to hear.

I haven’t totally recovered my energy yet.  Wondering if my thyroid is a bit off again?  It likes to play games with me, and I’ve been having several other symptoms that make me believe I should get my blood tested.

I ran twice this week, did Jillian Michaels twice.  Still on level one.  I noticed this week though that wow – level one isn’t all that challenging any more.  Yes, I still do push-ups the “girly” way, but with every push-up my elbows are at a 90 degree angle, my back is flat and my head is straight.  Otherwise, I’m doing the “hard” versions of the exercises with ease.  If it weren’t for my knees being very pissed off at me, I would think it would be a good time to move onto level 2.  Damn those knees.

Project 52 was on the back-burner this week.  This week was intense, and I had to let something slide.

I hope everyone’s having a happy weekend!



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2 responses to “Fess-Up Friday… erm…

  1. Happy birthday to your sweet Julia! That quilt is amazing and almost as beautiful as the little girl holding it. 🙂

  2. troismommy

    Glad you got to have a night out! We all need a night out once in awhile!

    Happy Birthday to Julia! What a gorgeous quilt!

    I’ve fallen off the excercise wagon HARD< but I'm putting on my dance shoes now and getting out my dance workout dvd. 🙂

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