Happy Birthdays

Beautiful Birthday girls…

…Birthday Cake…. turned out rather well.  I didn’t manage to screw it up too badly this time.

…a gift for the girls from Nanny and Opa…  I *think* they liked it.

… opening gifts … a.k.a. complete chaos and destruction.

… the girls blowing out their candles.

One totally hilarious moment that I WISH I had been able to capture on camera was after the party.  Josie passed out.  On the toilet. Yes, she fell asleep on the can.  I think that’s a new record, even for her.  Unfortunately, Jonny helped her out before I was able to snap a pic.  (Damn those daddies for being so responsible!)

Thanks again to all our family and friends for joining us and for the super thoughtful gifts!

All in all, a great day!


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