Fess-up Friday

Yeah, I fell off the exercise wagon.  I suck.  I thought I’d tell y’all that straight out the gate.  I only ran once this week, unless you count playing soccer for hours with the kids in the backyard.  No, that doesn’t really count, does it?  OH HELL, sure it does.

I’m blaming the weather.  To any kids who are reading this, please understand, when you get old like me (an ancient 27 years) even the slightest low pressure system will totally knock you off your game.  Start collecting excuses now, and by the time you’re my age you won’t have any good reason to do anything  😉

In other news, I’m on track with all my daily and weekly goals and I’ve started the following project 52 goals with the intent to gradually complete them:

#7  build a sandbox … in the process.

#10 learning to drive standard … gettin’ back on the horse now that the car is fixed.  Never going to forget to put down the e-brake ever again.

#12 knitting a dress for Julia.  Well, it’s crochet and it’s a fancy skirt.  But I think that counts don’t you?

#15 read A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.  I’m almost halfway through the first book.  I don’t get much time though, since I downloaded the book from isohunt.com hence I can only read it on the computer. (I know how bad that is but there is no budget for new books right now.  If I love it, I swear I’ll buy it regardless.)

That’s it so far.  I have a few others I’m pondering working on.

So, the kids had an amazing time playing in my giant sand pile this week.  It’s a giant sand pile, and not a sand box yet, but it will be soon!  Oh, I’m already basking in the bliss of a backyard that has so many interesting activities for the kids to do that I may actually stop hearing the kids shriek “MOMMY!  PUSH ME!  I want to go higher!” (on the swings) for 10 of the 12 hours they’re awake during the day.

Julia and Josie’s combined birthday parties are tomorrow, which means that normally today would be the day where I frantically deep-clean my house to make it presentable for guests.  I’ll see about getting on that after I’m done my fifth or sixth coffee.

Also, I’m making cupcakes for their birthday and as long as I don’t procrastinate so much that I run out of time, I will be decorating them comme ca:


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