Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

Yesterday, we did the impossible.  We picked a puppy out of a gaggle of cute squirmy little gals.  Gals that at first, didn’t seem remarkably different from one another but after spending some time with them their little personalities emerged.

First off our short list was a little lady with the pink collar, who was going to grow into a 90+ behemoth and who was a mouthy little booger.  Not likely the best choice for a family with three young kids.

There was another gal with a pink collar, who was described as the “smart and social” one.  She is certainly going to grow up to be quite rambuncious and will probably have more intelligence than I’d have the energy to deal with right now.  I hope whomever decides on her knows what they’re in for.  (Side Note-  Jonny fell in love with her and if the kids were older and more experienced with dogs, we probably would have taken her… but sadly, she’s not for us at this point in time).

There were two gals with blue collars who were a bit less social and more independent.  We didn’t see them too much because they were too busy exploring and play fighting with each other.

The gal with the yellow collar ended up being for us.  She was sweet and social, but not at all mouthy or overly assertive.  For the entire time we were there, she was everywhere that I looked.  If I were about to trip over one of the puppies, I’d look down and there she was, underfoot.  If I were about to take a picture of the kids and a puppy, she was the puppy who was with them.  I can’t tell if she looks more Rottie or more German Shepherd, but it doesn’t really matter.  It’ll be fun to watch her grow.

I feel so bad for sweet Taz.  I couldn’t imagine having 12 little ones ripping my nipples off.  One at a time is hard enough, thank you.  She’s already starting to wean the pups, and it is expected they’ll be fully weaned by 6 weeks.  We were told we can bring them home any time after that, but I think we’ll wait until the last weekend of the month when the puppies will be 8.5 weeks.  As much as I’m going through puppy withdrawal, it appears that it’s beneficial for the pups to stay with their litter mates until 8-10 weeks to learn some important social behaviours.

4 weeks!  4 agonizing weeks!


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