Fess-up Friday

Fess-up Friday will be my post each week where I see how far I’ve come with my goals and Project 52.  I think the title is appropriate given that I’m much more likely to be confessing up to my goal-breaking activities than actually congratulating myself for a job well done.

This week was just a bummer.  Some of the kids were sick with a minor stomach flu… nobody was sleeping well… it was raining, which means since I was stuck inside the house all day you’d think I’d be able to get some housework done.   Didn’t happen… I built lego with the kids and snuggled and watched movies for like, two days straight.

Hubby and I have been having visions of bashing each others skulls in this week.  Which is weird because we are not at all a dramatic couple.  We’ve been bickering over absolutely mundane things – those quirks that we always had no issue at all tolerating in each other for the last oh, 9 years (9 YEARS??!!), are now breaking the back of the farkin’ camel.  And we know how ridiculous we’re being, which makes it more ridiculous because we start escalating our fights sarcastically.  Like we’re making fun of ourselves at the same time as we’re getting all the negative energy out.  Then we start laughing.  Then I girly slap him.  Rinse, Repeat.

Since I’ve only just written my Project 52 goals yesterday, I expect everyone to cut me some slack in that department.

In terms of fitness and nutrition, I’m pretty much on track.  I only did the 30 day shred 5 days this week instead of 6 and I only ran twice instead of three times, but hey, it’s my first week I.E. I’m bloody tired.  I’ll try to do better next week (operative word- TRY).

Calorie wise I’ve been great this week.  I did have real sugar in my mommy crack coffee this morning instead of splenda.  Annnd on my rice crispies with bananas (just the way my Nanny made it when I was a little girl).   And I enjoyed it.  No regrets there.  I deserved that teaspoon of sugar dammit.

Jonny and I are building a sandbox for the kids (which I’m sure will be fodder for some interesting drama).  So that’s one off my project 52 list.  I won’t check it off just yet, just in case we get lazy.  That happens.  A lot.

Happy Easter weekend everyone!


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