Push Pause: Life is not a race

I stumbled across this blog post in my usual internet wanderings and I thought it was interesting because I was able to appreciate it from a completely 180 degree perspective than the author had intended.

I am the polar opposite of this woman.  I saunter (read: plod) through life at a leisurely pace.  I don’t plan very much, and what I do plan never ever comes to fruition anyway.  I press the “pause” button constantly, procrastinating as often as humanly possible… stopping to smell the roses.  I change my mind as often as my clothes … occasionally I change my personality too- I easily camouflage myself among those around me.

Oddly enough I’ve always felt extremely comfortable and confident with these personality traits.  Really, it would be hard to find a happier person than myself.  Still, it is rather hard not to feel like those traits go unappreciated.  Typically success = extreme energy expenditures and single-mindedness… and if we’re being honest, both of these are abilities that on a normal day I don’t possess.  Still however, I’d consider myself to be a very successful person (though perhaps not in the standard sense of money/power/etc.).

In high school, the traditional slacker disdained “successful” people.  They were the people we loved to hate.  Well, I’m an “adult” now (apparently) and I have learned to fully appreciate my former arch-rivals.  I even make a point to learn from them.  That doesn’t stop me from salivating over stories like this, where traits like mine are appreciated and even sought after.  It just tickles me pink that she’s learning what I’ve felt like I knew all along, that “Life is not a race, it’s a journey and that the joy really comes from the living.”


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