Puppy Time!

So, as you may have read in my earlier post, I’ve been pretty desperately wanting to add a dog to our family for a few months now.  And so has my hyper-maternal middle-child Julia.  I’ve been trying every excuse; every method of desperate reasoning ever created, but Jonny hadn’t  budged.

Not until two days ago.  Not until he saw this sweet little girl pathetically dragging her stuffed dachshund named Kini-bread behind her on a leash and (cat) harness.  That stuffed puppy has hardly left her side for more than a few minutes in a week or two.  I swear it’s not just that my brainwashing has worked.  She needs a dog in a way that only a former animal-obsessed little girl can understand.

All my good friends know how much I love large breed dogs, especially the often misunderstood Rottweiler.  I had a GSD/Rottweiler growing up and I never got over her.  She was my best friend for a long time.  I used to “train” her to jump through hoops and tied a rope to a makeshift harness and force her to pull me in a sled across ice.  She used to think my hamsters were her babies and when we were cleaning the cage, she’d pick them up by the scruff of their necks and let them escape.  She was an escape artist and she’d eventually come home with an entire pack of dogs behind her.  Oh, Boomer!   Boomer was exactly like my little Julia – excessively maternal and loyal, though dominant and sometimes antisocial with her peers.

The new puppy will also likely be a GSD/Rottie.  If we end up deciding on one of these puppies, we will be able to pick her up in 8 weeks.  These breeds of dogs need a strong “pack” hierarchy and gentle discipline and training, but they are some of the most loyal and trustworthy of friends you could ever hope for.  This just feels so right.  If the puppy is anything like my old pal Boomer, the girls should be two peas in a pod.

8 weeks! How can I possibly wait 8 weeks!


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