Mommy Confession

I really have no tolerance for two year olds.  Not so much other peoples’ two year olds, but  my own.  Technically Josie won’t be two until April, but she’s precocious.  If someone offered to take her away for the next year… it would be very tempting.

I’ll never forget her first full-out, rolling around on the floor, arms-flailing tantrum.  She was 14 months old and had asked for cheerios (pointed to the box), so I gave her cheerios.  When she saw that I had the audacity to give her exactly what she’d asked for she marched over to the cheerio box and pointed to it again.  Screaming like someone had ripped her soul from her chest.  At this point I’m just totally flabbergast so I threw my arms up and walked away as she crumpled to the ground  thrashing.  For 15 minutes.  And that was when she was just a baby.

Does this sound familiar?  I can’t be the only one who continually breeds extremely stubborn and volatile children?  It’s hard not to point and laugh or maybe even to coddle and sooth them, but I’ve found the most effective method for both me and the kids is just to plain ignore it.  Go about your business.

The twos is such a time of great growth, physically and mentally, and I think my kids can’t handle the overload of information.  They become overwhelmed and melt down.  Throw in a rough day, being overtired, etc. and these “episodes” cloud over any bit of sanity in their little brains and they become these writhing, screaming, hitting, tearing little animals.  When this happens, I always wonder why I haven’t invested in a padded room – for myself.

This being the third time having gone through this miserable business, I can say confidently that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I can’t tell you which of my kids has been the most challenging two year old, but the first two have come out of it and have turned into pretty cool and mostly sympathetic and confident children.  So fear not!  When they say “this too shall pass”, they mean it.

Two children  down and one more to go!  I can see the light!

…God help me when they’re teenagers!


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