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It’s Friday and since Fridays are AWESOME!, I’m going to blog about something awesome every Friday.

This week I’m writing about a dear friend of many of my friends and family members, Rob Hall.  In actual fact, I’m not writing about Rob  at all apart from a brief synopsis, but I’m writing about how Rob’s life and recent and tragic death has affected me in the last week.

I didn’t know Rob as well as I would have liked as I came into my husband’s family after he had already transplanted himself to a new community.  Though I didn’t know Rob personally, I feel like I know a lot about him.  He was a lover to a very rare degree.  A lover of his wife and children, a lover of community, a lover of life and of lives, a lover of those no one else could love, a lover of Jesus.  Rarer still, he was able to take that love he had and was able to translate it into real and tangible action to the benefit of many people.  He made us (is still making us) weep and laugh, he was and is helping to heal people from the inside out with the help of our Lord.  Being a healer and wanting to make a true difference in the world, he and his young family sold all their belongings in order to help those who cannot help themselves in Zambia, Africa.

And then, he died in a tragic accident.  Doing God’s work.  Leaving his beautiful wife and children in the process.   Leaving only the beautiful green fields he had worked as a symbol of everything he accomplished in Zambia.

I can’t begin to describe how viciously angry I was at God.  I felt like, if God had the power to protect anyone, why wouldn’t He have protected Rob?  I could dwell on nothing else for days, staying up at night constantly poring over thoughts that I am ashamed of as a Christian.

You might be beginning to wonder how this is at all awesome?

The Healing is awesome.  Looking at Rob’s very wide and varied circle of friends and acquaintances, hearing their stories and seeing the unbelievably amazing generosity and thoughtfulness toward Rob’s widow and his babies has made me realize something.  We all know that God’s ways are not our ways.  We can’t understand why this happened.  Shit happens.  Accidents happen.   It didn’t make sense to me before, but I think it does now.  My faith in humanity is being restored by listening to these stories.  If everyone could hear Rob’s story, take it into their hearts, and in the process strive to become a little more like Rob- to love and laugh and cry and share like Rob- I know this world could be radically changed for Good.  Rob’s death could be the spark, the kick in the ass, the motivating factor that causes many many people to change their lives, love a little stronger or work a little harder.  It certainly has worked in me.

If you’d like to read a bit more about Rob and his family and share his story, here’s a few links.


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