Ready to be ambushed by 18 anklebiters!

    T-24 Hours.
    Still slogging through the Helmet. This might be premature, but I *think* I might not have totally screwed anything up this time. The helmet is looking damn fine (still needs a paint job, but that’s it) and I’m feeling pretty organized. The house is still a mess, but SuperNerd Jon and I are going to tackle that this evening. 

    T-18 Hours
    Helmet is mostly painted, just needs a few more details. I’m decorating while hubby is cleaning. This is going to be an awesome party!!

    Captain Rex Pinata

    Captain Rex Pinata

    T-2 Hours
    The house is clean. The goodie bags are packed. The Treasure hunt has been created and dispersed.

    The Pinata… oh, the Pinata. After all my work, in the end, I screwed it up. It looks wonderful, but I’m afraid it’s not going to be the *smashing* success I’d hoped. Mostly because I apparently had no idea how many layers to use and the thing is as hard as a rock. I threw it violently to the floor *just to check* and… it bounced. Sigh.

    It sure is purty though ain’t it?

    Party Time!

    If I wasn’t already going deaf, I sure would have! The party was LOUD! It started getting scary when the 18 kids engaged in a full on lightsaber battle.

    The Pinata was one of my personal highlights, even though the string broke through the top of the pinata after the third hit and the kids banged away at it on the ground for several minutes before Jon picked it up and rained candy all over the kiddos. FUN! Ah well, the kids don’t care how the candy gets there as long as it gets there. With nary a glimmer of sadness, we tossed the empty shell of Captain Rex into the garbage along with the wrappings and trimmings. The kids filed out of the house looking like zombies in a sugar coma and my ears buzzed in the silence afterward. We all fell on the couch, thankful there was no blood or broken bones and zoned out to watch Megamind (one of James’s gifts).

    It was a great day! Can’t wait to do it again for the girls’ birthday in May.


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