James’s 6th Birthday. Theme? Star Wars, of course.

And it certainly wouldn’t be a PROPER birthday without Mom bungling up some important aspect of it. Usually it’s the cake, but this year I’ve decided to play it safe and outsource that part. In typical Super-Geek Erin fashion, I decided (at the last minute) that I was going to make a Captain Rex pinata. Not that I’ve EVER decoupaged or paper maché’d anything before in my life, but hell, today is a fine day to start. T-66 hours until the birthday party.

On a whim I concocted a flour and water glue mixture, snagged one of my son’s Clone Trooper helmets and covered it in oil (presumably so the paper would come off easier), sliced and diced some newspaper and started pasting only to discover, damn, this takes a long time. Maybe I should have started a week ago.

After analyzing the procedure involved and figuring how much time I have to finish this, I realized that basically for the next 2 days all I’m going to be doing is paper machéing and drying the darn thing with my blow-dryer. A sane person would cut their losses and quit, but not Super-Geek Erin. I shall attempt to salvage this idea and pray my husband doesn’t kill me since he’s been left to do the rest of the party-prep all by himself. I love you Jon! *cheesy smile*

Here it is after the first layering of newspaper…

I’ll let y’all know how it turns out 😉


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