A puppy for Erin?

I’ve decided I need a new project. Sorry, blog readers, if you exist, this new hobby just isn’t cutting it. I need something a little more extreme to satisfy my problem. My hormone problem. My maternal hormones, that is. For the past almost 7 years I’ve either been pregnant or nursing a baby, and my body is wondering what in the world is going on. The nursing has been over for almost 6 months and the only way a new baby is coming into the family is if super-nerd Jon figures out how to impregnate himself (no he’s not trying 😉 )… or if someone leaves a baby on our doorstep. Or, if my weird nightmares come true and I find an abandoned baby under a park bench somewhere. Not likely to happen. Isn’t three kids enough, you might wonder? Apparently not.

No, I have decided I need a puppy. The only problem is convincing my husband that it’s worth parting with his money to self inflict ourselves with the torture of training, exercising and picking up after such an animal. One part of me (the deeply buried rational part) understands that the extra $1000 a year would put a bit of a strain on our finances. I don’t care. It’s to the point where my rationalizations for why it’s a great idea to get a dog are going from reasonable to outlandish. Take a look.

Things I have said to my husband in the hopes of convincing him to get a dog:
1) Having a “best friend” would be a great experience for the kids (especially Julia).
2) It would be awesome to have a jogging partner and it would motivate us to stay active. (Dream on baby!)
3) Getting a dog would make me feel like our family would be safer. (Because small town Canada is a mecca of crime. *rolls eyes*)
4) Well, it’s a baby or a dog. And getting a dog is cheaper than having a baby. (No argument there, but really, I’m not having more kids. He called my bluff.)
5) Julia REALLY wants a dog (Don’t you Julia? Don’t you want a dog? I’ll give you some gum if you go tell daddy how much you want a dog.)
5) I won’t have to sweep the dining room as often. (I’ll have to vacuum every other room twice as often.)
6) A dog would be a good companion for our cat Peter (the Neurotic and Antisocial).
7) No really, if we don’t get Peter a dog NOW, he’ll never get used to being around other animals. (heh….)
8) Jon, if we don’t get a puppy NOW, then there won’t EVER be another good time in our lives. It’s now or never. (I think I was rolling my eyes at myself, even while saying this one).

So what are my chances? I’ll let you know if I make any progress.


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