Happy Valentines Day

Well, this first post is one of the more daunting things I’ve done in a while.  I can think of so many good ideas for a thirtieth post or hundred and twenty first post… but the first post is a doozy.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and all, and I’m such a romantic person in general (hah!) I think I’d write about the two people who started this craziness.

My husband Jon and I are a classic tale of  “opposites attract”.  He reads textbooks for fun; I read high fantasy with a smattering of sci-fi and paranormal romance thrown in there for good measure.  He thinks through everything perfectly before uttering a word; I spew out every thought that flies into my head.  He quantifies and measures everything and prefers to read through an instruction manual before tackling a project; I on the other hand dive in headfirst not always noticing whether the metaphoric “pool” is even full.  I never use a recipe and Heaven forbid I learn to follow directions.  It would be the end of me.  He always finishes what he starts.  I’m lucky to get two weeks of passion out of an idea before I toss it aside in favor of the next brilliant plan.  We’ll see how long this blog lasts  😉

By some miracle, we fell in love and mostly got along well. We moved in together and did a fantastic job at being slobby college students. Fate had it in for us, I suppose, and I ended up pregnant about 2 seconds after Jon graduated from university and got a “real” job. Surprisingly, whoever is in charge out there really does know what they’re doing, because we sailed through that pregnancy (and eventually two more) and managed to become a family. Kicking and screaming.

Once the kinks worked themselves out, it was glorious. It is glorious!

Our kids really are wonderful- when they’re not shrieking like banshees (I swear I now have hearing loss), yanking my shirt down (in public!), demanding things that I can’t give and refusing to have any semblance of politeness or decency (especially when I’m on the phone). I’m literally going gray. At 27 years old. We love them dearly. No, that wasn’t meant sarcastically. Really. They have limitless potential and (most of the time) I’m in complete awe of those little monsters.

Of course, they wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for my beautiful, talented, kind and usually generous (see next post) husband. Love you, hun. Happy Valentines Day.


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